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Niu [knee-u]: coconut.

Headed to the North Shore? You’re most likely going to take the scenic route through old historic Wahiawa town, and while you’re passing through you might as well stop by Niu.

Comfortably snuggled between Surfer’s Bar and Aloha Subs, Niu is a women’s boutique filled with sleek and stylish pieces for women of all ages to enjoy.

Walking into Niu, you'll find an eclectic mix of styles ranging from dressy to casual, with comfort being a shared attribute. Described as 'boho-chic,' we source all our pieces from the fashion capital of the West, California, as well as the amazing stylish country of Australia. Although not fashion designers, we do have a chance to share our creativity with our customers by creating beautiful, unique handmade jewelry.

Quality products.


Solving a problem.

Niu was established in 2015 by three close friends, Johanna, Olivia, and Sara. Third person aside, we strive to provide the women of Wahiawa (and surrounding areas) a unique and affordable place to shop. Being born and raised in Wahiawa, we’ve seen many business come and go. We’ve also experienced the struggle of having to travel quite far from our central town to find cute, trendy clothing. This is the problem that Niu will solve.