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Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by. Whether you were directed from our Instagram page, or just found us on Google, we're happy you're here. 

Niu is a women's boutique located in the small, country town of Wahiawa, on the island of 'Oahu. We are the newest addition to the Surfing The Nations block, and reside among Surfer's Coffee Bar, Aloha Subs, The Vintage & Wow Wow Lemonade. 

We opened our boutique in November of 2015 and have had an amazing response since. We solved Wahiawa's problem of not having a place for women to shop, without having to travel too far and we couldn't be more happy to have opened up in our hometown.

We strive to deliver a warm welcome to our customers, as well as attentive service and ensure that they leave happy -- and with some new, cute clothes, of course!

Niu is owned and operated by three friends - Johanna, Olivia & Sara. We all share our time working at Niu, so you'll probably end up meeting all of us sooner or later.

It's such an amazing experience to take this entrepreneurial journey with each other and are so excited to be able to serve the women of Wahiawa (and surrounding areas) with a great place to shop!

"How do you pronounce the store name?" is a question we get all too often.

Niu, pronounced (knee-u), means coconut in Hawaiian. We chose this name because it was short, simple & sweet -- to us at least. Three letters for three owners, plus it represents what we want to accomplish on this entrepreneurial journey.

Coconuts are strong and hard on the outside, yet sweet and delicious on the inside. They are also extremely versatile, ranging from food to cosmetics. 

We are sure you already know this, and if you don't here's your heads up: running your own business is HARD. So as corny as it may sound, we want to stay strong against any obstacles we may face during this journey.

We also want to have a substantial interior by providing the women in our community the perfect place to shop. We provide beautiful, quality pieces for every occasion. Whether you're looking for a sexy, date-night outfit or something to wear to a chill night in with friends, we've got you covered!

Now that you know a little more about us, we're excited to share our newest venture with you : Niu's Flash! If you couldn't tell, it's a play on words, like news flash. We welcome you back to our blog section every Thursday for posts about fashion, styling and the latest trends.

We've got some great plans for Niu and we're excited to see them all fall in to place. Thank you so much for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you the next time you stop in!

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